The Automated Brick Laying Robot is a new state of the art system that automates the building of houses

Our aim is to automate the building of brick block mortar houses.

The ABLR is a comprehensive  solution that radically modernises the construction industry, taking in bricks and mortar along with a digital plan of a house or brick building, and automatically building using state of the art robotics engineering.

The aim, to provide a new standard of house building to drastically provide a wide range of improvements to the traditional house building industry.

Automatic Brick Laying Robot details

Up to 15sec per brick

UK housebuilding market focused

Improved health and safety

Data analytics

Increased build accuracy

Build consistency

Cost savings

Schedule control

Revolutionising the future

We are creating the only robotics automated construction system that is integrated seamlessly into current practices and systems. The machine uses standard mortar and any brick type to improve the construction industry in a range of ways.

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Developing a new standard for the construction industry

Developing a new standard for the construction industry that will build houses directly from the architect’s drawings. The machine uses state of the art robotics technology to place bricks, blocks and lay mortar around a track to construct a building or house with minimal human intervention and supervision.

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