Our Mission

Construction Automation aims to modernise and advance traditional processes and systems within the Housebuilding Industry, through designing and building Construction Robots.

Our Products

Our current project has been in progress for 5 years, The Automated Bricklaying Robot (ABLR). The ABLR builds with standard bricks, blocks and mortar and will revolutionise the traditional house building process.

The ABLR Increases Productivity, Improves On-Site Health and Safety, Guarantees Build Quality and Closes the Skills Shortage Gap.

We have a US and Australasia Patent and are Patent Pending in the EU and Canada. We are NHBC Accepted.

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Our Team

Our team consists of individuals, taken from many different industries, with the collective aim of Revolutionising the House Building Industry. This industry suffers from a lack of change, therefore having a team who have experience outside of Construction is vital in order to bring Innovative Solutions into the Industry.

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Accreditations, Memberships and Patents

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